Services for Managing Radiology Image Quality & Patient X-ray Dose

Image Quality & Dose Management

Connect your x-ray systems to the MyXrayDose cloud to monitor and manage your clinical image quality and dose performance for every technique on all modalities with ease.

Diagnostic Display Calibration​​

 Calibrate your fleet of radiology monitors with ViewIQ for optimal standardised presentation of diagnostic images across your radiology practice.

Virtual Clinical Imaging Trials

Run virtual clinical trials with LesionSim to define the image quality characteristic required for consistent diagnosis. Add objective measures into defining diagnostic quality. Helping take the guess work out of defining imaging protocols

Getting the Best out of Your Radiology Service

Connect into the MyXrayDose Cloud and we will let you know which x-ray techniques need fine-tuning to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Let ViewIQ monitor the factors affecting monitor performance and report this through to your account on our Cloud. Giving you a single central view of the calibration status of your whole fleet of radiology displays in a couple of clicks.

Use LesionSim to determine the required image quality requirements for accurate diagnostic performance. Run empirical radiology imaging trials to evaluate pathology detection performance of different protocols. Plug these results into MyXrayDose to create a closed loop control of your image quality management 

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