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Display Calibration Software for Consistent Optimal Image Appearance

Take control of your radiology monitor calibration quickly and easily.

Discover professional radiology display calibration software that’s simple to use, accurate and comprehensive all in the same package. Whether setting up a home reporting workstation or a comprehensive radiology service, we have you covered. 

"Just want to say also well done on this software, I am having no trouble using it and appreciate how well it just works as it should"

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Product Overview

Use ViewIQ software with an X-Rite i1Display Pro photometer to calibrate radiology displays to professional Radiology standards. Maintaining consistency and accuracy of diagnostic images wherever they are displayed across radiology. Goto downloads page.

A Very Simple Test

The phrase A Very Simple Test is written with letters of reducing contrast over backgrounds increasing from black to white. If you can’t read each copy of the phrase equally well, then consider what you might also be missing from your clinical images. Each segment should look like an equal step from black through to white with no unevenly dark or light steps. If this isn’t the case or you cant see each phrase equally well ViewIQ will improve this.

*Dim room lighting to radiology reading room level for true test.

In a Nutshell

To maintain consistent optimal diagnostic accuracy across radiology, medical images need to be displayed consistently and optimally across radiology.

This can be achieved by the application of professional radiology standards. These standards define the display grayscale characteristics and the specifics for room lighting, display black and white levels and pixel size and screen dimensions. When applied across all equipment in the fleet from acquisition monitors to radiologists displays, consistent optimal appearance can be achieved.

X-Rite 1iDisplay PRO (1D3 OEM)

i1Display Pro Measurement Optics

Number of Channels3 filter design
Measurement area (in contact)42mm diameter circle
Acceptance angle+/- 5 degress (at half max)
Luminance Measurement Range0.1 cd/m2 to 2,000 cd/m2
Minimum measurment integration time0.1 sec/measurement @ 100 cd/m2
Maximum measurement integration time6 sec/measurment @ 0.1 cd/m2
Effective measurment PrimariesCIE Standard (1931) Observer
Ambient measurment angle160 degress cosine response
Ambient illuminance measurment range0.5 lm/m2 to 5000 lm/m2

i1Display Pro Measurement Performance

Colour Accuracy+/-0.004 x, y @ 100 cd/m2
Luminance Accuracy+/- 4.0% @ 100 cd/m2
Color Short Term repeatability+/- 0.001 x, y @ 100 cd/m2
Luminance Short-Term repeatability+/- 1.0% @ 100 cd/m2

ViewIQ-Cal Radiology Reporting Display Calibration Software

Frequently Asked Question

ViewIQ is designed to work for the X-rite OEM version only. A firmware key prevents the software form working with other versions

ViewIQ will work with Windows 10, and Windows 7. It will not work on Mac OS, iOS, or other non Windows operating systems.