The tools you need to optimise clinical image quality & patient x-ray dose simply, easily and at your fingertips.

The tools you need to optimise clinical image quality & patient x-ray dose simply, easily and at your fingertips.

Achieving the Best for Your Patients

Connect into the MyXrayDose Cloud and see which x-ray techniques need fine-tuning to maintain diagnostic accuracy. Identify opportunities to reduce patients dose without compromising diagnostic performance.

Achieving the Best for Your Radiology Practice

MyXrayDose has been developed for the working radiology service and integrates seamlessly into normal workflows. Once set up, the service will guide you to techniques that may need improving. Analytical tools are there on the website for you to deep-dive into your data to identify the root causes of imaging problems.

Continuously working for you

Image quality and dose metrics are automatically collected or calculated for every x-ray image via a standard DICOM connection. The extracted data is transmitted to the MyXrayDose Cloud for analysis to provide you with in-depth information when and where you need it.  Addition patient size and imaging technique specific information is provided to identify likely causes on your path to optimised x-ray imaging.

Enabling Effective Communication

Many groups influence radiology imaging techniques. Each group has a different skill set and a different vocabulary leading to communication barriers. By including quantitative measurements with real clinical images, the communication barrier can be bridged and the common end goal of achieving the best outcome for patients more easily achieved.

Extending Visual Perception

To achieve consistent imaging across radiology we need to be able to accurately describe and communicate image quality requirements. Limits in visual perception make this hard. For example, noise can be seen in this CT image, but how much and what are its characteristics?

MyXrayDose analyses and measures image noise and other image quality metrics to extend visual perception and add accuracy and precision when setting clinical image quality objectives.

Put diagnostic image quality at the centre of the patient x-ray dose optimisation process.

Patient size, image quality, patient dose and technique data collected for a complete data set
Data collected and coded for every modality, study type, series type, and patient size
Comprehensive statistics on clinical image quality, dose, and technique, for every patient size, study, and series type.
From regulatory dose reporting to individual modality technique reports and everything in between.

Set and forget – Automated performance and dose reports emailed to whoever needs to see them.

Objective, vendor-neutral analysis, reporting and advice.
Dose & technique data collected from DICOM RDSR, DICOM Image Headers, Screen scrapes and MPPS messages.
Global overviews to specific detail. Data mining tools and dashboards to view the big picture alongside the detailed.

Giving you a global view

From the data held in each country we calculate anonymised aggregated statistics and publish them to a global server. This increasing pool of data for individual series for all patient sizes and any modality is provided back to you through the website.

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Imaging Correctly
Imaging Correctly