LesionSim - Virtual Clinical Imaging Trial Software

Use LesionSim to define image quality requirements for reliable diagnosis

“Survey Monkey meets Virtual Clinical Imaging trials for radiology"

X-ray optimisation requires the production of diagnostic quality images for the lowest possible x-ray dose. Use LesionSim to quantify image quality requirements for a reliable diagnosis on your journey to optimisation. 

Conduct Clinical Imaging Trials Quickly & Rigorously

Load your test images, add lesions, modify the image noise and resolution characteristics, create a scoring schedule and invite your radiologists to join the survey. LesionSim is used to create a virtual imaging trial for simulatingand scoring radiologist detection performance under different conditions. This information can then be fed back into the MyXrayDose web service to identify which of your imaging procedure may be falling short of the expected performance. With the insight provided by the MyXrayDose web service, you are then able to identify the contributing factors and potential solutions.

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Determining Imaging Requirements through Simulation

The purpose of a medical x-ray is to visualise structures & pathologies for diagnosis, yet radiology professionals have not had access to rigorous methods for determining the adequacy of their clinical images for a particular diagnostic task.

Our vision lacks specificity when assessing image quality attributes such as noise, and its likely impact on our ability to see any subtle features needed for diagnosis. To address this, we have developed LesionSim, an application and web service for simulating realistic pathologies on clinical images and conducting web-based detection accuracy surveys. The simulated pathologies are typically designed to represent the “edge case” – that is the smallest lowest contrast version of a specific pathology that you expect to see. This task-based approach “can you see the pathology” is analogous to the ubiquitous Snellen eye chart to check whether you have 20/20 vision.

When the metrics from the quantitative image quality analysis tools are combined with the user responses to the simulations you will then have the information necessary for quantifying image quality benchmarks for consistent detection of a specific minimum edge case pathology across a fleet of imaging equipment.




LesionSim runs from a central server, enabling you to set up a single Virtual Imaging Trial and invite participation from multiple locations within your organisation.