LesionSim - Virtual Clinical Imaging Trial Software

Use LesionSim to define image quality requirements for reliable diagnosis

X-ray optimisation requires the production of diagnostic quality images for the lowest possible x-ray dose. Use LesionSim to quantify image quality requirements for a reliable diagnosis on your journey to optimisation.

Conduct Clinical Imaging Trials Quickly & Rigorously

Load your test images, add lesions, modify the image noise and resolution characteristics, create a scoring schedule and invite your radiologists to join the survey.

LesionSim is used to create a virtual imaging trial for simulating and scoring radiologist detection performance under different conditions. This information can then be fed back into the MyXrayDose web service to identify which of your imaging procedure may be falling short of the expected performance. With the insight provided by the MyXrayDose web service, you are then able to identify the contributing factors and potential solutions.


  • Quantify diagnostic accuracy and minimise diagnostic related patient errors and harm
  • Reduce healthcare costs to the patient and health system from diagnostic errors
  • Answer the question - is our image quality adequate for the task
  • Avoid cost, time, and ethical complexity, and potential harm of running imaging trials on patients
  • Radiology staff engagement in managing and setting the quality of the core business


  • Arbitrary lesion simulation
  • Lesions simulated either mathematically generated, hand-crafted or copied from real image
  • Unlimited scoring questions
  • Answer using scoring sliders, yes/no, picklist answers, measurement tools
  • Study designer interface
  • Lock studies when design completed
  • Variable noise simulations
  • Variable resolution simulation
  • Locked or use adjustable, window and levels settings
  • Image anonymization
  • Predefined pseudorandom/image order presentation to minimise observer bias
  • Hidden measurement values to minimise observer measurement bias


LesionSim runs from a central server, enabling you to set up a single Virtual Imaging Trial and invite participation from multiple locations within your organisation.

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