ViewIQ Help

ViewIQ Pattern is a Windows application that generates different technical test images used in the evaluation of radiology image displays.

To use setup, download and run the installer. 

An icon should appear on the desktop. Launch the application. Select the test image required and click  Display Test Image.

Repeatedly clicking the Display Test Image will generate additional test images to allow for the simultaneous evaluation of multiple displays attached to the one workstation.

Radiologist – Reporting Display Checks

Uniform Black Display the uniform black to check for display reflections and non-uniform illumination of the display from other light sources. For best contrast sensitivity, eliminate as many sources of reflected light as possible.

AAPM TG18QC A test pattern for subjective evaluation of display performance including greyscale characteristics. If display correctly set up and calibrated you should be able to ready most letters in the 3 QUALITY CONTROL task boxes and see the small square in each corner of the grey step patches. Failure to be able to ready the same number of letters from a normal viewing position indicates that either there is an excess reflection from the display and/or the display is not properly calibrated to the DICOM Part 14 standard.

Ideal Viewing Angle A dynamic test pattern consisting of the same letter written with the same contrast over the whole screen surface. The slider is to adjust the contrast from A at 1 grey step above background, to Z at 26 grey shades different from the background. When the display is set at a good viewing angle the letters should be equally visibly over the useful region of the display. Use the radio buttons to change the background between Black, mid-Grey and White for checking viewing angle at different luminances.

A Very Simple Test The same phrase written with letters of decreasing contrast to demonstrate the loss of visibility due to:

  1. Reflections off the display/ambient light levels
  2. Poor display calibration
  3. Viewing angle effects from the top to the bottom of the display

Black Patch Single black patch for measurement of black level.

White Patch Single white patch for the measurement of maximum white level.

AAPM TG270-pQC AAPM TG270 Test Pattern for the detailed evaluation of display greyscale performance. 

AAPM TG270-sQC AAPM TG270 Simple QC Pattern for the routine assessment of display greyscale performance.

(refer to Display Quality Assurance The Report of AAPM Task Group 270 January 2019)

Uniform Grey/White Subjective Assessment of the display uniformity and the presence of reflections off the display from external light sources.

TG18LN 18 Test Patches  A dynamic test pattern that can be adjusted to display one of the 18 standard TG18LN test patches for measurement of display luminance characteristics.