General Radiology Reporting Display Quick Setup Guide - Windows 10 and Dell U3219Q 32" Display

This is an example of setting up a general radiology reporting station using the Dell  UltraSharp U3219Q 32″ display for radiology reporting. This is not suitable for mammography reporting.

Quick General Radiology Reporting Display Setup - Windows 10 and Dell U3219Q 32" Display

  1. Purchase a Dell U3219Q 32″ IPS 3840 x 2160  400 cd/m2 display from your local computer supplier. (Note that this is an exact make and model number and any minor difference in the model number may indicate a very different display.) 
  2. Purchase photometer and ViewIQ calibration software licence from shop here.
  3. Increase the Dell U3219Q 32″ display brightness to 95% (Instruction here)
  4. Download ViewIQ from the link in email or from here and install ViewIQ software leaving all settings as default.
  5. Plug photometer into the USB port
  6. Click Identify Displays
  7. Select Display to calibrate
  8. Place photometer on display to be calibrated.
  9. Click Calibrate Display and follow on-screen instructions
  10. Click Measure Uniformity and follow on-screen instructions
  11. Click Display Illuminance and follow on-screen instructions. Reduce room ambient light levels until this measurement passes and light levels are as low as is comfortable to work in.
  12. Check all measurments pass.
  13. Click Print Report to generate a report for your records

Video of ViewIQ Calibration Process


  1. Check Windows High Dynamic Mode (HDR) is off (Instructions here)
  2. Check graphics card High Dynamic Range mode is off. Manufacture specific instructions required.
  3. Send us a message with information on the make and model of the graphics card and display, and a description of the problems experienced and we will try and help.